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Nashville, 19/08.

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niall + neymar

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"We’ve got a lot of time coming up, actually, to write and record again," says drummer Ashton Irwin.

With a No. 1 debut album in hand, 5 Seconds of Summer is hoping to have a follow-up for fans by the time the group starts its world headlining tour next May.

"We definitely would like to have another album out there some time next year," drummer Ashton Irwin, 5SOS’s oldest member at 20, tells Billboard. "We’ll start working on it and see what happens." The group, he adds, worked on "upwards of 100 songs" for its self-titled debut, which debuted atop the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 259,000 copies last month according to Nielsen SoundScan, but Irwin says the Australian quartet hasn’t added much more to the repertoire yet.

"We’ve been on tour [with One Direction] for a few months, so we’ve just been playing lots of tour and doing lots of promo," he explains. "We haven’t had much time to get back in the studio at the moment. I think when you’re on the road you’ve got to just live out what’s happening, then when you get back to the studio you’ve got a lot to write about. I don’t want to write the same album again, so I go out there and see what life has for me, and then I’ll go back and I’ll write about it. We’ve got a lot of time coming up, actually, to write and record again, so I’m really looking forward to that ‘cause I’m feeling like I miss that at the moment."

The 5 Seconds of Summer album, of course, is actually just getting started and has just rolled out a second single, “Amnesia,” to follow-up the smash “She Looks So Perfect.” “Amnesia” is the only song on the album 5SOS didn’t have a hand in writing, but Irwin says it was given to the group especially by Good Charlotte’s Joel and Benji Madden.

"We’re really good friends with the Madden Brothers — they played a massive part in influencing our music and everything," Irwin notes. "We wrote lots of songs with those dudes, and they said, ‘We have this one acoustic song which we’ve been saving. It’s not a Good Charlotte song and it’s not a Madden Brothers song, and it’s really special to us and we’ve been waiting to find the right people to perform it. So we listened to it. It didn’t click at first but then we listened to it again and we thought it was a really beautiful song. So we said to the guys, ‘Look, it would be an amazing thing to perform this song,’ so we did and it’s a really special song on the album to us. It’s like nothing else on there."

Irwin says there’s “a few songs we’d really like to put out there” as singles from the album. The No. 1 debut, he says, was “the most incredible thing ever for us,” while the prospect of next year’s headlining tour is equally exciting. “We’ve been talking about it for weeks and weeks,” he says. “It’s incredible to even have the opportunity to create an amphitheater/arena show. I’m really looking forward to that. I really want people just to leave the show going, ‘Wow, I can’t wait to see a 5 Seconds of Summer show again.’ I’d like to be known for our live shows, so I really want to put on an experience for our fans.”

5SOS isn’t exactly a stranger to large venues, however. It opened for One Direction’s arena dates last year, and this year it’s playing stadiums with the group, which Irwin views as sharpening 5SOS’s skills for the future. “It’s good fun to work on your stage presence,” he says. “It’s a massive experience to actually be in a band and learn how to control a stadium. You look up to people all your life, like Billie Joe [Armstrong] from Green day and Dave Grohl and how they command a stadium and perform and put on an intimate show in such a huge place. That’s what we’re learning. It’s a hard thing to do.”

(via Billboard)

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very important gifs [x]

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